Theirs is the insatiable appetite inside -/ which does its own thing, actually(!) They’ve been dreading… nothing, even if it’s all been—->> beyond that particular point of ambivalent disintegration

Of ONE such high minded Artist’s sense of immediately eNtaNgled BliSs; she has savoured the time, chalking it ALL-DOWN-now to

Having had the STEELY-eyed courage to g-e-n-t-l-y press her best breathFaceFirstAgainst— a canvas that CAN(!!)

Have its own sense of SELF. Actually, WHERE she’s been is—-

Hahahahaha-haPpY at BeinG:: extremely sad sometimes, and that’s Been.. coming andGOING… and CONtrasting And coaxing itself on Through

From her- to ME… … to WHOexactly(!?!?) And it doesn’t really matter anymore because, she has restored

All of her favouriteBestCaressingOfDreams, and it feels::: good and damndownRIGHT r-e-a-l.

And she did all it with a Smile That will-not die, these tears, this cryHARD atmosphere which held an insurmountable amount of..

Fear(.) SHE is real- rIoToUsLy So, “and SHE KNOWS it, as much as do WE(!)”