Whenever the strength of their inescapable imagination manages to make

Mounds atop MOUNDS of retrofaced sense (to itself and only ever!) They are acting hostile on purpose and UTTERLY trying to immaculately combine together and iMaGinE everything

… that can and shall and must AND WILL, then, happen: within the thankful AND TORTUROUS trappings of their

Favoured imagiNATIONs; is to train it to a marvelloUSly Maverick extent of life and death mIsCaLcUlAtIoNs, actually-

Because that is ALL THAT SEEMS TO worry these upside down, thunderously proud to be sick and(glad-to-be-)SaD(!) people of

Continued animosity: Not Entirely ALL there AT-ALL anymore and definitely acting deafeningly def(I)ant

Even if, They cannot ever feel it. Cannot seem to have EVER-EVEN attempted to make sense of their upset of selfish(now!!) selves