Her dress would need to be peculiarly perfect
The Hollywood press had been meaning to wax lyrical, to take her to intricate pieces, to within an ungodly inch, and all in the blink of a reader’s tightly clasped eye – times a million, if you so will
Silk and statuesque, longing to be…
These photographs will make the telling difference, quench a billion such wanderlust thirsts
One in an aforementioned million, fastened wholeheartedly by a fashion friend’s beloved and outrageously precise professional opinion, pink aside blooming red the final meticulous decision put forth by the pair of them
And, now, the night shall go right ahead of itself and shine oh so flagrantly bright, whilst she presses these sparkling Manolo shoes against the path to her fastidious awareness
When she broke the whole of the internet in one fell swoop