But they do though, they bleed just to know that these things have done this thing to
Achieve this unbearable sEnSe of utterly wonderful balance, of past the point of anger and tensified moments

Of unguarded… albeit, so very soon to be: Safeguarded BlISs.

Yet they cannot ever even begin to understand that tHIS man took his own life and turned it OFFICIALLY upside down Towards – an unthinkABLE unison of unimaginable happiness and ALL because… she pushed to pause herself to feel… …

The true tenderness of his electrified breath: oh, but has he really ALL-OF-HIM(!) SCENE the winding ways of the world within said CALMIFIED eyes “This Time”?!

A mind which finally finds, something undeniable to “say!”
To reap these righteous AND RiOtOuS rewards IS to Completely Comprehend his own sense of SECONDHAND suffering —-

As he picks up YET another pen and thinks TOO-MANY-TIMES-TO-COUNT… with the strapping strength of his hellbent finger-trail put UPon a page—

As the rAGE(!) inks itself DRY into literary HIStory – T-H-E-I-R hiSTORY: “Hell! HER Pulsating history”. A given, a goddamn unanswerable thing

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