You were all that I ever wanted
And I ripped you right away
That boy – he will never, ever get to have his day all over
Stole it entirely, most definitely
And now I do indeed pray that our romance won’t turn out to be a case of you reap what you sow
No thank you!
Only ever a few of us who truly get to enjoy that most perfectly untouched – unflawed – ride right to the top
I wanted it so I came and took it… all of it!
‘Til a few too many people were left ashen-faced
Christ, even you do tend to blush from time to time
Remind me all over again
Hush now!! Dear one, soak it all up
And watch this particular tree grow all the more
Albeit utterly unjust and cheated away from it’s original roots
Replant it all over
Christ, we were barely sober!