His surrender so very sweet, for the retreat tears needed to be met, and upset minds rallied and twisted to a place of indescribable pain and PANACHE. Apocalyptic and undeniable for its eye opening and trustworthy worth.. as one man adds to the line of another clan of FOREVERFAMILY

Bonded and they will be together bound to a most matter of fact style of painstaking portray… ALL. eager attenuators toward every piece of evil DETAIL WHICH BRUTALLY barbwires endless TRAVAILS.

Arrows and blood spurts and all types of deathly H-U-R-T deaths amid creatively unjust murder s, via one aforementioned clan atop NO place for an other…

This means a sort of unannounced and silenced-for-a-time War for prolonging peace & hierarchy, within a seething living BREATHING jungle.

Yet, One man, namely JAGUAR PAW, can blatantly bring this pace of procedural pursuit back to belonging, as he ‘drowns’ himself bravely to save another FAMILY – this is his favourite Lady- with child at the ready & PREYING FOR BRAVERY