(Working) As in, I must learn to focus on the, let’s say, balanced parts of my brain, my mind, to an extent. I.e. my personality, which doesn’t seem to get totally railroaded by the imbalance, thank ****! My analytical side with most things, really. My caring side, always there, even if the imbalance can and will change my moods, which is perfectly normal, given the imbalance, of course. Anyhow, with all of the above, I need to bring them together and make them as habitually strong and astute as I possibly can going forward. Sure, there are weaker parts that really don’t need entertaining, as in the actual imbalance, too, of course. But that just needs to be left alone to do what it ends up doing 🤷‍♂️ Pooling together ‘the best parts of myself’, really, I guess you could say, and making them all work together at influencing the best version of myself that I can be. I have no wish to be perfect, and neither do I even think it’s a possibility, or even something anyone would really wanna strive for. All I want is to be okay with the OCD imbalance and to, well, feel things the way I know I should and deserve to feel them in the first place ❤️