A wellspring of liquid-like sunshine
By dint of his doped demise

Painfully coherent, yet undeniably smiling
Like it matters with him more than nobody else anymore …
His riptorn bones will time again fail to go home, his brutalised brain like a gobsmacked laptop – hotwired into secretive oblivion

Him before her, with her face down in the Bus Aras dirt
Dispatched sanctimonious whiskey-sniffing sweetheart with lies by her Rebel Red eyes

Mixed-up roller-derby commotion midst the lick of the spectacular River Lee – landscapes with hands for poised and purposeful persuasion

They are seriously sorry for taking a mere nanosecond of his assembly line, rubber-stamped existence – eight loosening strands of standing brave guitar strings and his singing hairpiece explodes into motion

Lip-thirsty, unpardonable double-delight potion – namely, comfortably, ably able to drink to think ten times too slow again
To remember himself as a child of >twenty< cigarettes too many …
See a pretty, pretty Penny … pick her on up, please

Is it really the taste of the Asperger’s which sets his mimi-cry alight though!? Have. to. know.

High-functioning at forever failing … f-a-l-l-i-n-g back to nowhere all of that spectacular anymore …

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