That’s what the youngster asked me
If I was THE Brian O’ Driscoll
Not wanting to burst his beautiful bubble
I told him that I was
On my way home from training
But you’re nowhere near as big as you should be!
I continued on
I’m having something of an off-week
If you’re THE Brian O’ Driscoll
Then what’s your wife’s name?
& your daughter?
I’d to think about that one…
He smiled
You really are him
Aren’t you?
I nodded
What do you think
I think you’re the best rugby player EVER!
& I think I want to introduce you to my Dad
Dad, it’s Brian O’ Driscoll!!
His Dad took one look at me
Hello, Brian
How have you been?
What with your injury
Seemed the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree
Ya I’ve been resting up of late
How’s your mother?
I know her quite well actually
A lovely lady indeed
She’s OK thanks for asking
She got her drainpipes sorted in the end then?
I didn’t know where to look but up
Ah ya
No problem at all
& her brother?
Your uncle
How’s he been fairing?
Fine thank you
Cancer’s a real bitch
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella
That was enough of that
I’d to hold my hand up
But I’m not actually him
The youngster wondered why I would decide to do such a thing
Because it was funny…
In the beginning
& now?
The Dad stared intently at me
Now I was feeling smaller than small
My name IS Brian O’ Driscoll
Just not THE Brian O’ Driscoll
The pair of them shook their heads
Strolled off
What a plum was I
Truth was
I couldn’t pass my way out of a paper bag