Too much pressure
Pressure to
Adhere to what everyone wants
When all I want to do
Is my very own thing
Some of you will make it
Most of you won’t
Heard it through the grapevine it’s the taste left over
That gets them over the line
Artists with so much quality
It amazes me
To see it
Writers who need to know
How it’s done
Writers who don’t…
But then… they do!!
It’s OK not knowing
What’s right & what’s wrong
Sometimes the
Unanticipated, the unexpected
This turns out best
Singer-songwriters who know
What’s right
What’s wrong
They sing the words
As though experiencing it all
Hit the right notes
& the crowd…
THEIR crowd go wild
So what will it take?
To make the next step
So much Goddamn taste
You’ll never be left hungry
Keep the palate busy
Before you know it
You’ll be choosing your own
Main course
Followed by a delicious dessert
And then come the After-party