t’s self important absolutely, but also undeniably an emotional pursuit, and yeah you are absolutely searching for an audience out loud. That’s just.. human nature, however what if you end up NOT WANTING that craved attention? What if you really truly do decide that all of the stuff you create is, in fact, only for you. In fact, was all along. Then you become another sort of creator altogether. Someone perhaps who merely did it to survive on their own terms. And that is then why you could not give a penny worth of a damn what ANYONE EVER thinks. When it becomes, suddenly, your soul goal to impress the fuck outta yourself, continuously and to a point of irretrievable comfort and understanding of your own mindset and how on Earth it works. That feeling is… … perhaps better than any drug on earth, truly. Only minus the come-down, or come up, or hangover… or whatever. Somehow you managed to suddenly create a wild world all of your own, and no one can ever have the key back in but for you. And that ‘key’ truly is worth a billion dollars to me: maybe not physically, not yet 😉 but definitely mentally