They’ve been walking and talking with their minds in a fit of forever lasting happiness: been utterly acting as if it all made miraculous sense to US. It didn’t. “DOESN’T, though!”

Although, and we do tend to tell the other person of peripheral persuasion that WE mean to be
These playful and precariously plagiarised entitlements ALL OF OUR OWN home-blown steed. AND TANTALISED reckoning

Freed from being FREED: feeling some of these things; one touch of a responsive paintbRUSH
And the aforeMENTIONED CAN make cReAtiVe sEnsE again! Anticipatory canvases that Can, and SHOULD, and shall ACTually… act the primed and prepared part..

She sits with herSELF to gently SUGGEST… whether or not this entire time has INFACT BEEN
A waste of her BlueSpace: albeit the TASTE remains

Outright spectacular, as it A-S-K-S for her hand b-a-c-k

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