Truthfully they weren’t opened to interpreting anyone else’s sense of Swiftly ol Wisdom. They’ve had the time and tWiSteD it to within a vacuous inch actually.

And for the most outlandish length of minutes she sent herself… waywardly cReaTiVe indeed; we do not feel anything for her BUTfor utter contentment . That’s the

Best that she can achieve whilst our lives carry on regardless . “Suffering for a three decade streeeeeetch… of falsified landscape really is

… undeniably delicious to witness:: only ever from an enemy’s perspective.” Ain’t no respect garnered but for their utter inability to feel, “further from the moment than everBefore.”

We adore our new housing of Mind because… what it took(?) what. It. Mother. Effing(!!) t-o-o-k
To put down the time to uNraVel our Dostoyevskian minds really was…. “about as thankless a thing than ever came before.” Even if the scribbles were still being…

Interrupted by the state of one writer’s… antagonised landscape – “she w-i-l-l get to tUrN the PaGe… graciously, and some day so very electrically soon —

She’ll ask to be devotedly Marooned . To her own SATIATED~kinda~mind, please .” Because, regardless of anything else, THIS means everything. To him 😉