It’s been idiotic to assume anything other than outright alarming death of decay- as these, ahem… selfPROclaimed people portray

Yet an other state of DaNcInG BewilDeR; “yes!” They’re on the UPtUrn
& vying for: attention to attentive detail(…) “There is this worrisome thing inside of their KindlY OlMinD and they seem to want to

Sit and stare at the state of
Undoubted aforeMENTIONEDportrayalYET-AGAIN(!)” And what’s been done is

—-))) rather… uninterruptedly uNiQuE, and we speak to them as of NOW(!!) and AS-if(!!!) it all makes mediocre KinDsOfStarryMouthed, actually, sense.

There’s an abridged ego in thereSomewhere(???) and it’s been calling its ownHI(!!!)minded AND -wOrDeD shots.

Touch it. Tough it out and T-O-U-C-HTheirPen, for it seems to speak of its own

…….) )prone and proper accord. “They fought for this thing… EVERY. FEARFILLED. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.”

They are… … … they(.) “And we are elated to be here… … standing tall and Thankful

——>>for the turning of the gold-plated tIdE… . Which fLiCkeRs softly against their DELIGHTfilled EyEs.”