A constant person by all of these meandering accords, she seems to be quite specifically aligned. By God they just do not make them quite like they used to do anymore- rather petrifyingly beautiful all at once… Ladies and gentlemen, here stands an undeniably amazing, upper-trusted lady. She will stand the test time again, with her tattoo-infused hands holding grasp of the imaginary microphone.

This smart, Armani-suit wearing individual knows all of the bounds and breaks through them no less glad of it, she saw it all and pummelled her way forth. And she takes her swig of morning tea with a sly side-order of sweet sweet Marlboro cigarette, and cannot, will not, remove her tremendously tired eyes from the man outside, who carries with him this swilled coffee quip which he forever gets to share with a perfectly perched robin redbreast. It is all relative really, and he sees her even when she does not know it.

Chalk n’ cheese, yet when the mix is correct there never will be any such necessity, no need for mundanely voiced cliché. Something exceptional has always occurred, and she will never forget to send herself a humble and momentary smile, stop all of the mismatched noise gathering on up inside- will take a piece, release the least flavoursome via the kitchen-sink mirror, where her each and every next concentrated morning prayer- even her syllables make strenuous sense here- creates the ultimate in wonderment, and this navy/blue go-to suit of hers shall sell like hard candy the fruits of her laborious labour.

She is, quite simply, all that we could ever wish ourselves to be. And the overdrive in creativity sees it all and finds the silver lining. For she is undoubtedly this living loving arms-wide-open thing, namely both rhyme and teasing reason.
When everything can be absolutely unmarred, unscarred, by manic upheaval aside outlandishly fabricated from authenticated withdrawal like only she knew. She drew his next breathe both literal and figuratively. Then, only he knew best.