They weren’t actually supposed to be here, but rather than that They Shall Have To: wear-thin in a most fitting inSTANCE

—>these TryHARD mIndS(minutiae moments of detail this time, please.) of theirs —-

Until tHEy stART to begin to eventuALLy feel —- like themSelves yet Again. We have sat and (((WILL))) stILL sit with them whilst their honorary eyes AND aforeMENTIONED alignment of minds t-r-y

and take NothingElse, actually… for FOREVER granted(!) It’s been.. a sTiFlIngLy sUgGeStiVE ThInG of heartbreaking animosity, actually. And MOSTLY(!?)…

Well. The splitting energy HAS TO HAVE ((aimlessly)) transFORMED itSELF into these: thinking waaaaaay TOO-s-l-o-w people… …

With their fingers crossed and their DAFTly defined hearts about to StandTALL AND handsomely Aware, what we have here is

An utterly-BOTH-EaGerLy individual AND utterly resilient State of faceFIRST concentration alongside

Added-to-that:: this ADDITIONAL STATE of anticipatory s-i-l-e-n-c-e. One Of A KIND. And it’s been mending itself all the while….