They never died they just dragged their eyes through separate things from the rest; they enveloped themselves in swarms of OcD bees and feLL to honey stamped knees, and reeled at this state of misguided determination. What they did is they… took another beast of breath and watched the beauty of it all FALL

Into yet another bloody damn well stUbborN Ruination of Rumination. Like watching wildfire burning inside of their

Desirous eyes. That state of quarantined happenstance and it’s been happening SINce so very lonnnnng…. as it never REALly made any such sense anyway.

“Fresh Off The Press, They Prolonged Everything Else.”

It’s this way and that and as to the rest of it all(?) Well, she’s simply both completely been —- a complexed individual of duelling tendencies. When the utter tenacity within seems to SwArm to warm to WARN… all of its own

Hell-sent accord . When assigning herself to this and THAT really did take.. an undeniable level of self-focus, a just must: “enter herself inAGAIN in this game of

Reclaiming aforesaid sense of Steady-headed focUS.” Spearheaded first and foremost, “she’ll hunt Hard and Halfway happy for the

Rest of it all to finALLY feel~~~ full time REfocused actually.” It’s a strange and instantaneous thing which upsets her severely threatened soul(.) Threat UPon threat posed… with nowhere eLsE to go(!)