They were whispering it at Will, even if the other upsurge of person really is: “beyond the call of Duty, Y’all(.)” It’s been a comfortable thing of incredibly happiness and other… decidedly widely acclaimed elements – of surefire reappraisal. And even if:: she cannot seem to see it (all!) yet.. “it’s still been his, Arguably.. greatest living, seething masterpiece.” And he will of course cotton-ONregardLESS and walk away if needs be..

Which they WILL. And even though it’s been.. heartbreaking and utterly unsuspected on another person’s perturbed part

He will never stop..
At st-ARTING(… … …) again and again. “Until.” Mindset comfortably instilled and still->>

Acting as if, finally.. its uNpErTurBeD sElF. Eventually… “even inevitABLY(?)”

.. maybe, “they never had a say in this whole thing”.