And they grow their very own awareness – soon as these sizeable trees seize our better version both whole and heartedly

A dancing leaf shows no real bounds but for these once again fathomed-from-imaginative-fiction childlike feet, meeting the crunch serendipitously by the sensational middle

The blue hue sky, albeit shy and terrifically conscientious, oft realises its utter need to spray its cloud-hidden sunshine awhile

Immaculate spectacular, when we speculate this prioritised beauty, honey-soaked and justifiably invited

Upon us

Amidst these peppy people and their worldly fixation to simply feel…

It – all day, every single glee-filled day

Make hay,
even before the dedicated, straw-lipped farmers meet the coffee-roasted, farm-handed heady aul’ a.m. right by their very own middle

Their wish is our clandestine command and they demand we pay equally justifiable dividends for the magical landscape which they take to create

Every Other Day Blessed