Avenue 8 and happening, a precious LITTLE miraculous proclamation of Industrious BLISS AND FULLERfocus for FORESIGHT!! Is forEVER trepidatioUSly treaSUREd with=IN (all of) WE, and About To BLEED to f-e-e-d

The mentally-invested FEE of Their everLASTING and Seriously sanguine existential PERSISTENCES: As An aforeMENTIONED PROCLAMATION of starry=EYED DEMISE MEETS.. (wit)h insistent in-dependence this t-i-m-e !

Now, let us (please) pace the floor A-N-D dance as though Our word were red-ribbon coordinated and We WERE s-i-l-e-n-t-l-y violated (this TIME)

At fRiGhTfUl might:

You decidedly BRIGHTEYED and bushy/TAILED MOTHER EFFING adulteroUS people of heart… FAKING inSINuation!!

Of precarious LITTLE intentions, AGAIN.