This is how he does it
Goes about earning an absolute fortune
It’s most probably the pits
But you have to say that he has a way
Of making people cough up
A cheeky pup, no doubt
But whenever his family are hard-up, need some cash, off he does dash
Returns home with a fifty
Nifty, huh?
How does he do it?
I can’t tell you actually
Or he’d cut me out of the deal
And this my friend is what you might call real money
I have a pretty honey at home who likes to be wined and dined
Do I feel guilty?
But the grass is far greener on the other side
Our back garden has a pool for the kids, a mammoth slide
Where do I hide the cash?
I stash it under the floorboards
Anyone comes near it and they’ll get the sword
No really, I have a two thousand pound sword to fend off any such begrudger
How good is my friend at what he does?
Simply put, he’s the best
And even when times get tough all this will do is make him all the more eager to impress
How much money are we talking about?
Put it this way, if we ever gave our bank managers a shout they’d hit the roof
Ask for some sturdy proof
Has anyone ever died due to what we do?
Quite a few
But more would’ve died if we didn’t do what we do
So a lot of doing going on there
I think I heard you say that this isn’t fair
Life isn’t fair
Bare your balls, step up to the plate
And if anyone looks to slate you
You’ll do well to remember this
Do you really wish to end up in an old folks home someplace
Or would you rather smoke Cuban cigars while blowing the smoke into a sweet and innocent virgins face?