We took one whole breath and BouNceD… like a Dostoyevskian endeavour, that’s how they saw it and will say it all about us – the Neanderthals who didn’t even understand what they had(.)

They were… sniggering and smiling and trying to ably – not gonna happen – understand their own MELLOW-faced emotions. It’s a taxi ride as far as forever if we are

Really gonna wanna even BEGin to sort that one out. To take her gift she’d admittedly need to intricately interfere in and with her very own sense of freedom::

“These events – from Düsseldorf to Horizon-Kind Australia – really were doing their very best to end UP wonderfully old and alONE, with

Ten too many magical people for admittedly good damn company.” It’s a keepsake kinda a thing and we seem intently interested in

Dodging all of the questions actually, even the ones about
Their barking mAD beauty