We were catching and clasping one another’s hands when the whole thing SHOULD-HAVE-STOOD… remarkABLY st-ILL

… …when the people on the other-side asked us, please: “to ride-it-ALL-out as b-e-s-t that they shan’t EVER manage ToHandle.”

These.. fairydUSt, somewhat deplorably dystopian-mindedArtistCrItiCs of undeniABLE(!!) sheltering-from-shame… they s-e-e-m

HUGELY(!) unlikely (again) to move any-time-soon.. and make the Earth qUaKe, actually.

“There’s this thing about the telling of a certain storyline backwards and it seems to like to LOVE to b-a-t-h-e in the PEACE of its OwN uncontrollable WoRds.” And world, of course.

But what if, though(?) our n-e-e-d to NOW-know became this thing of multi=interpretational bliss, in=DEED(?)

AND… “what IF(???)” the sizeable spliff spilling between their yellow picket-fence teeth said NOTHING ABOUT ANYBODY ELSE but for themselves. Agitated and nErVoUs, they m-u-s-t have dropped theBallSomewhere(… … ..)