To steal it all out and conscientiously right
To take to rake on through, to bounce these whisper in your ear words back to majestic life – the knife edge that appears to simply be fair multi-faceted
Time Is Right
Absolutely permitted when nod-to-the-meticulous-masters teed on up
No interrupting this colloquial flow, ever-knowing to solemnly suppose a thing or ten
To only so much as upset when brand new talent tends to puppeteeringly threaten their incredible standalone stance amidst words-worth history
When the pen is mightier than the fallen sword, to boisterously, all too flamboyantly hold against its beautiful will
Distilled the whole darn episode, didn’t he just, ’til set to wholeheartedly propose to fair lustfully stroll on into somebody’s everyday everything
Of a seriously sombre, albeit no less prioritised for it evening – Steal Me, Please
This must-arisen page rests against a circlingly avid thumbnail of just his, to spell it correct and all too colourfully once more
As though t’were its only ever appearance in the entirety of its recycled, outrageously magnetised