He speaks with a, shall we say, quickened motor within this ramble-some mouth of his – been meaning to simply adhere
To all of these high-wire, righteously perspective-driven things
It Is Pure And Uneasy Just Not At All That Very Possible To Coax To Please ‘Em All
And this he finally, rather admittedly gets to seeing
Took a fair and distanced while perhaps indeed
Please bear with me, for these concentrated words one manner or other were sent to tease this particular page, to wage a most ink-ridden war on storyboard words
And to crucify before intricately, fair delicately, all too tastefully in fact placing this seemingly so misled life of only ever yours right back together again

– it will undeniably be those carrying with them the satisfactory degree of improper conduct who will adhere aforementioned so –

Settle these wandering eyes back upon – down around – so soon as when it tends to beginning to make gargantuan sorts of sense
Shall we dare say one sentimentalised syllable per hopeful time
Be kind, because he’s been trying, crying at the seriously battle-hardened seams to make it happen all over again