By the touch of a most kindly God, she breathes fair lightly amidst, this seriously serene thing

Just where have we been all of her live-long, glided to collideGilded Lifestyle

Right here in fact, it does appear to be

But a conscientious and worldly elder lady now
A magnificent, about-to-be century – gathered glowingly amidst extraordinarily, unbelievably instilled this

‘Til smile-hardy imbedded in altogether, all together appreciative We

See, she’s been meaning to create to make one holy difference within … and, low and bless ourselves to knowingly kneel at her wonderfully tapestried pew … and behold to simply, rather beautifully smoulder

As she did,

A keen eye out on forever rent, sent to imaginatively soar between our bespoke and young adolescent, pin-pricked and pleasure-filled listening ears

Where the dramatist allows herself to heavily breathe again … again … a gained for Sister in sumptuously set solitude – held mightily aloft by his Holy Father, who deserved to learn to earn to touch and anoint her, quite rightly an unforgettable legacy

Delicately perched, never to be interrupted

By the gracious face of a most descriptively stood lady – a Wordsworth, words worth a million moments as such, and puppeteered to personally steer us, to peel our eyes wider than that

She shines…
And is simply, none too regrettably whatsoever … a behemoth and a perfectly angelic creature

A woman of many a memorable guise – all about the eyes-wide-shut theatricality

Outrageously sincere-most and naturally swarmed within
Will last a whole other ventured lifetime, wherein her glorious words will wrap themselves right round her pulsating legacy aside very own retold story

Time again
Pen, please … play pretend and tell us all, exactly what she meant