We were understanding many more things when she entered in at a purely divisive pace – with that telling glare: “a stare set to SAIL(!)” It wasn’t easy to

DiStuRb the insides of their multiplied minds… by her unprovoked necessity to N-E-E-D them the most(!)”

If there was any such storyline to tell it is the mainstay ONE – about the in-between of three maladaptive people… and their

Judged AND judgemental SOPHOMORE s-t-a-R-E(!) Into a heaven calleD——- HEAVING-hell(…)

What of the time that shoOk itS Own heartstrings back—-> to under-qualified pragmatism though(?) and WHAT-about(??) the

Meander of many MANLY mannerisms that, ahem… S-H-E brought to the open/ShUt, earlyDOORS table = “that elongated raccccccce….

To stay the unWarranted distanCCCCCCCe with each and every new endlessly Detrimental day.

Yes, she seems to’ve observed something extracurricular while the rest of us had resolved ourselves to soothing our lOoPHoLe~minds

With hotSUDS and Silken degrees of Sophisticated-sugar somehow.”