FREE HUGS for the price of an overReActiVe REimagination. “Absamother*******lutely!!)”

That hidden-again feeling of falling asleep at the steal of the century. “We’ve opened UP all of the fancy-faced books in ALL OF THE whole wide worlds and stolen our own source of wonder away anyway.”

We’ve even decided to STERILISE OURSELVES AND hideaway from these pretty LITTLE bestialised people by taking aim at the closest version of ourselves – SOLIDLY – “actually.”

It’s a crime for them to’ve had to go through ALL OF IT for the sake of a MomEntarY Moment Of sugarcoated happiness anyway.
What happens next is Good Ol’ Charlie Gargantuan’s Greatest Guesstimation.

He’s been – remembering to “STOP AND TO STEAL!!!” the best parts of these pilfering people
Until: “we can all come credibly closer together again and make Mad kinds of MalAdjUsteD sEnsE of anyone else.”

Until when, though, can they get to letting us eventually KNOW:
“Just how far THE LOUDEST BELLOW shall qUaKe tO A catastrophic ShaKe(??)”