If we were wondering about that thing inside of our AddLeD minds then it might as well cause its own UTTERstorage Of StIr(!) We are highly interested in the sight of

Unsuspecting happiness. As they WavE themselves away again and we cannot but — understand the sins inside of their

HabitualHeads. We don’t know much about every-next-thing ANYMORE yet we-do-know ~~ “how the **** the cut-of-the-custard gets itself DELICIOUSLY(??!) distracted by mixture-of-MONDRIAN-mustard. As the abstract nature tEnDs to fall Dostoyevskian atop of

Everyone eventually.” We are N-O-T as opposed to these commonFACED things anymore, and neither were we ever really THAT-thing. Suppose we DO advantageously AlTeR their minds a little~Ol~WhiLe, Though …

While theY(??) WHILE away their vagabond=time = on layabout, stamped-to-the-ground GOOD_OLD_QUICKsilver cigarettes and {enough}

Pretty little cups of crystallised caffeine, “please.” To send us excitedly back to BeD and with our heads In The Red(!!) and that’ll do fine “thank-you”