Pencil skirt voluptuous and she sees something fantastically inclined, heavenly twisted burgeoning amidst this beautifully stood radiantly upright thing – when all of these mid-evening sins are meant to be magically enhanced and vigorously made

She spent herself well, she did indeed

A jaw-dropped, suitably enticed, stop-traffic mangled man-parade in her fledgling honour – girl with formed steel petals in her whispering hair, they just do adamantly care

So goddamn much it really is a most terrifically corruptible thing to glare

Mix to match, hatch a sexually spectacular plan
They ran away from themselves, carrying moistened knickers near her manicured, tattoo-impassioned hand, at against the grain pace

She sings like a bird on a manically awry, electrically convulsed wire when you’re missing
Ties your tantalised-to-swallow tongue right by her damn near everything… when you’re all too imaginatively there

Against all of the grain