Their criminally talented hands and legs and arms and other layabout laugh out loud utensils shall have the first and DAFTly last(?!) passage of laughter. And what they are doing is they have been single-mindedly achieving the greatest undertone of comeback

In history. That’s a certainty and ghostly old colossal fact actually, that where(??) we have been to.. does indeed, doff the hat, “qualify us For a Life.” Best left: utterly alone. And if that needs to be stated all over again well.. then

To go: nose to effing nose with a deathly old devil is to have— warmedUP to earningTheTrust—

“Of yet another manically mindstrong handling of MindStorm.” And most will not EVENbeginTo underSTAND:: this level of breath and borrowed mind it takes .. to bring molehills to mountains of a most— silenced kind actually

“Because what we do is NOT FOR ME and you.” What we do is UTTERLY effedUP / like a yOyO on a predisposed strength of string.