They’ve been accepting everything which came before them, they’ve even been… acting acceptably bubbly on utter purpose. It’s been great to witness their own sense of star struck storyline

We wonder, though, Why(?!) have they not yet opened UP these other people’s eyes

It’s a lovely little thing, indeed/ this evening time manner in which they seem to enjoy abstaining from absolutely everything actually. No liquid sedation, no demonstrative demonstration anymore

They’ve been looking after themselves Til the very end – been scribbling and scratching their.. here We go again(!)… minutiae of brain

Feeling free to speak in courageous words of dumbfounding sarcasm and other finely defined words which do wish to

Strike at these people: rather excitably
We do miss her, cannot wait to see her become an advancing individual again

No fooling her, no fuel of duelling ever a part of her pristine demeanour, but remember this particular thing,

That she CAN INFACT see right the way through you — few too many people of paralysing angst AND utter misunderstanding… of themselves
Unable to see though themselves, perhaps?