An ideal and idyllic identification/ of a stand-alone interpretation of a pretty little creature, all smiles and ALL IDYLLICALLY iDeAl features: she seems to be utterly aware of her very own inner-ward AWARENESS

Wears her he(art!) UPon her suggestive sleeve, peeved with nothing and SMITTEN to with=IN an oCeAnIc inch

Of her transatlantic being, she’s BEEN MEANing to act the absolute maggot for one time in her adolescently expressive life —

Been hoping to f-e-e-l: beautifully brand NEW and AWEsomely applicable

To the start of the ART at the stretch of the out—-r—e—a—c—h—e—d CANvas that calls ALL OF HER NAME:
“Be an outright blast to watch her passion scratch its OWN ULTIMATE itch, though… wouldn’t it?!”

Stitching these paint-smatterings back together.. one re-ENERGISED AND REEMERGING person per TiMe.

She’s ALL EYES, all situation resilience when threading the eye of this particular and PeCuLiAr needle
It is blades of fire she breathes

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