They’ve been coping with dropping it all down to another level of soundly silence actually; they’ve even deemed themselves surPLUS to additional and addedON requirement(!) What’s gonna happen now is this(..) we are gonna chomp at the bit(ch!) and make ourselves feel—

No way real, nor latter days these dAzeD and effingCONfusedIndividuals.. where it was and when it WAS has its own timbre of time, and it’s not fine indeed..

How these two pairs of pulsating, pianofACED people SEE—) “something utterly differential and definitely

Not what others might miscalculate.” They were notEVEN heavenlySedatedAnyMORE and neither were they.. in any which w(?)y

These abstractedly aware pEoPlE who seem.. timid and free minded and passionately out of Controllable ConTrol actually.

We ******with the sordid ******* system and for all of What(?!) but to appear “above it all
And beneficially beneath

Everyone else.” Did they really just rally on through the thick and diverse nature of their CrUeLesT DaY

And still: “say these Incredibly fair-dinkum things. To me(???)”