There’s this necessity, like they’ve admired AND admitted to it before; and it’s all of it been done AND buried, actually

What probably matters IS THE FACT of searchingSEARINGLY for— undeniable equilibrium(..) Their minds are resting resolutely for now, their favourite bRaInS acting perfectly inesCAPABLE maybe…

Of anything else which she may wish for We-To-Be: it’s encyclopaedic and it’s certainly a deeper place to feel.. inCREDIBLY unCERTAIN OF THEMSELVES AGAIN(… …)

And a wholehearted pART of something AND someBODY else. Tending to their very own sense of SarcasticIntelligence, We will possibly MOST PROBABLY n-e-e-d to Kneel Down and
Resurrect OURSELVES//: for to be iconic means to have

Created.. nothing of any noteworthy admission. As their silence starts to sound like
A dream on fire