They took their very own breaths away and at previously prioritised pace: what we have been-to-feel has caused us ALL

This UTMOST Utopian SENSE OF immediacy and visionary enunciation, an outRIGHT chaotic DEMONstration
In fACT(!!) and fuckedUP, indeed, fiction// these ARE the ParAlySinG AnD d-y-i-n-g days of these DazEd-aNd-CONfused persons who seem to

Have w-i-s-h-e-d and WANTED to have been aforeMENTIONED previoUSly headstrong people and sprinTING WIDE-AND-WISE-eyed as far AS
They can actuALLy (ever) re——ach for. And the brain nestled BLUE-EYED and silently-both-NeRvOuSlY between her WickerSPEED ears is

//of a different hEARtbeat AND KIND OF k-i n-d-l-y ((Crucifixion)) altogether — what she HAS seen is Something Which NO-ONE ELSE SHALL, and CAN ever:: come to bear ThemSelves to ImaGiNe(!)