They dream when they sleep and they schemed whenEVER we were creeping our way back— to the surface of our favourite BestDreams AndDesires. Maybe it’s actually ALL OF IT been—

An Antagonised eyesore, a serioUSly derogatory AND SentiMENTAL thing // and they’ve EVEN hardwired their WirEd-Wrong-Minds to feel.. suddenly soVERY ludicrously Able and -FACED ‘til not a SINGle thing willFaZeThemLet AloneUpset Them ANYmore(.) For the sake of believing in SOMEthingReal and Riotously Suggestive— we really DIDN’T mean to f-e-e-l as though: the whole-wide-world were WATCHING US ANY-MORE(!!!)

And, just like this, She w-i-l-l ably slip away, with her hands grasped tightly-back-togetherAgain..
And her heART having TheTimeOfItsLife