They have even opened-up their nearly-never bones AGAIN and officiALLy asked for the basking of blood and lair-of-LUST, actually: and ALL other night-and-day things

Silence speaks

— Yet, they are NO kinds of artists AT-ALL-ACTually, and NO such sorts of ought-to-REALLY-have-b-e-e-n

These specificALLy EXTRAcurricular people; dutifully diagnosed by their very own sEnSe of ImPenDinG comfort in UTTERLY silenced nUmBerS… … …

It’s a cruncher, this ingenioUS element of ALL-sorts of kinds of (KINDLY) mannerisms(!)

even IF… it’s been
All-of-it THIS fair disingenuoUS thing of hOmEsPuN delirium A-N-D utterly self-inspired entertainment. A tonne of it. Please! And immediately

Were they ever even meant to MEAN a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g (to anyone else) anymore?!

Probably NOT, actually – yeah, THINKING ABOUT IT SOME-MORE… MUCH MORE(!!) THAN E-V-E-R BEFORE, actually, all-of-it’s been an act of lying-faced allegiance