Wildly they will suffice to say it, that this was the first and very last thing to remain. Endlessly embedded within —

And it is indeed a sketched opportunity to see-both-seize something momentarily miraculoUS actuALLy.

It’s wound-up and to the point of no knowing return, actually, and it’s definitely ALL OF IT been deteriorating and at equally bombastic pace. We SEE that they’ve agreed on something as well as argued to a thunderous extent of NEVER, EVER giving in Again.

To the other luridly suggestive person of cussed bad-luck and other utterly awful things which can AND will happen to these dwindling people of desired intellect.

It IS in-fACT energetically enthusiastic and sweetly inspiring to try and unanimously avoid these times of try-hard trepidation actually – something, INDEED, left to become an utter upside-down mEsS of wArBliNg intellect and Yet…

they do seem to feel absolutely at home and of their own —

So soon as the Universe turns on its trusted axis again and stARTS to reap EXACTLY what these envy-laden people saw In Themselves. THIS HAD TO HAVE BEEN… the incalculable delve to someplace wonderfully Spontaneous and real

Even if they fail to feel it