It’s impossible to understand why they have incurred what they’ve actually incurred. It’s actually a nonstop thing of

Utter disgustingness, indeed; we are listening to their minds murmur and MeAnDeR and at

A million MilEs PeR(weakening of) HoUr: how they do exactly what they do(?!?) isn’t exactly normal, not for a mere-eager minute. We’ve been talking to ourselves yet again and

endlessly attempting to: “Listen-UP NOW please, people(!)” For what’s been before AND WILL BE again

Shall NOT be your ultimate dedication AND dEliRiUm-FiLlEd definition. It’s… we are totally apologetic, if only, IF ONLY, we COULD actually underSTAND.. the level of pain pulsating…

Throughout your petrified/FRIED-INSIDE bRaIn. You are a heroic person of undeniable angst of understanding; a presumed-to-be exceptional person who has pierced the surface of the Sun—>

And plACED it ALL back (necessarily) together again: one aforeMENTIONED AgoNiSeD moment per TurnOver of TiMe.

Iconic in a forgiven inSTANCE AND CERTifiably — beyond any shadow of these SAD, sad shadows of DoUbT which swim venomously withIN —Born To Be, this living SeEthInG CreAtiOn. When your worst was STILL their greatest achievement

and you did this////

With your bodyPressedToTheFlame: InSaNely InExpressive as it is

If you were to have been physically represented for your mental imprisonment— then This pARTicular body would’ve been shacked AND shorn..

It floats DeLirIouSlY —> beneath a stone.