Her ability … Can’t you simply seize it and see

Has been all of it there and rather sizeably all along

She never meant to be so very unbelievably otherworldly – just something fair blessed courses inside of her orchestrated mind

Trying to find the only known way, waiting for anything whatsoever to pay her dreams unbelievably forward

Not a word, for the flame appears to be entirely hidden within

She stirred the honey pot and all boiling hot hell broke loose – set itself between the pulsating to breathe again noose

Red rain covers her amazing face – and we finally get to see something altogether ferocious

He believes that she just must be … Dancing with these alarming demons who feed atop her everything fair soliloquy – bold and beautiful only unable to take herself wholly away

Screaming at quickened pace, may we save her before it all goes belly up and explodes like wildfire and the failure to interrupt her very own downfall captures to gladly snatch goddamn many a thing

She’s been singing amidst this utterly unasked for pain
Attempting to feel her amazing face, only it’s playing games that no one can ever get to believe
To simply sit and see is all that she ever wished for really

Because This makes perfect sense again… Soon as said noose untangles to fall and said mind arises in compassionate kind