They feel for unproductive industry when really it should’ve been brilliance in sedated waiting… they are battled and battling back again and

Unwinding tired eyes: “they take breaths at the best of down times and wind up Hectic Little Artistic Minds like: clockwork crazy actually.

“We didn’t mean to beat the sh!T outta everyone else so that they’d tell the rest of the remainder (of the HierArChY At ScAle) to effoff right now, plEASE.”

There’s this… thing about breaking down wound UP equations, when this isn’t EVEN a mathematical enhanced endeavour anyway

Do those football FaNs really love to cry: “with mother effing footballs in their eyes?!” These crazed to be here and hEARd and utterly obsessed with the state of

Ahem, sEdAteD playfulness __ and if there was an utter uproar inside of one next sentence then they will need to never even begin to think about taking the g!N out of the fridge again – instilled with poisonfACED persuasion/s –

Instead of Back To Bed… … … and rest. “Because we were born to be BOnKeRs and Non Stop, BabY(!)”