They turned-off their mind for sometime actually, and that was it: the whole NINE.. “NEIN(!), nein(!!)… N-E-I-N(!!!)” yearning ofUtterYards — the spelling was resting itself, their mesmerised heads doing exactly THAT-thing, too— themselves(?) they’re

Beyond the point of pardoning themselves outRIGHT(…) anymore; although, the need to be

Upside down and wonderfulWILLthunderDownUPonThey, “Please(?)”

It’s a silent night and aforesaid silenced said-mindThatManaged to MattertheMost(ly) we’ve had our fair

Share of Dedicated delusion and it feels… waywardANDwaTerWoRkS real. Take a picture Because… on a suddenTwIstOfTale… “it will NOT last any longer.” Yet the memory WILL ponder-to-remember(It ALL so very-well).