Nothing whatsoever for it but to break these bounds Of protocol paradise mischievously interlocked and NEVER ever permitting…

PRECIOUSLY, all egotistical Senses of Sophisticated bliss from coming to Colossal both Beatific fruition-

she is… was, and WILL absolutely aforementioned form herself back together again/ to get her self back to a plACE… … Of wide awake reasoning…

To bleed by the bare-naked truth that swims intricately between

The EAGLE-EYED preALIGNMENT of her prioritised mind

Times TEN.

Can she really-both Rarely remain This deliciously OverBearing and confiscated… PURPOSEFULLY MASTERED PIECE

Of… of… OF PEACEFUL w-h-i-s-p-e-r-i-n-g-s (with WINGS Motherf****** Permitting?)