they will wander and walk and chat and talk as though, the whole world were their exceptional and beautiful plaything

And they will prey upon people who do not deserve a 2nd even ever MENTIONING..

Only in a most ignited instance of official ignorance/ toward their sense of ScintilLATEd humdrum behaviour

Peripheral and that is beautiful too, to fall, themselves, inside of another piece of folklore.
All of these lacking in intelligent wherewithal People, who do appear

Humongous and lively embittered.. and OdDlY upset by a sense of aforementioned sadly LACKING… intelligences

Can they tell it yet, that it is goodbye and -riddance for now, and not so much directed at THEM, but for.. a time will come when their playful world of hard-fought words WILL work

To the sound of a poet’s ScintilLATEd fingers and PlayFULLY PLACED
P that: of a kaleidoscopic-ally inesCAPABLE type… WRITER. Yes she’s SWEATED to feel THIS THING.. or, rather… past tense SWATTED & to a point of angry angst and necessary exposure of UNDERSTANDING