They’ve even watched themselves make mountains out of molehills- maintained a certain, SEARING sense
Of laugh out… low wherewithal

All of these enthused pEoPle with eager eyes and eager minds and EAGERLY unputdownable prose: nose to nose with the seen to be greatest scribes in HIS-story!

Even if, and when, NOT everyone will suddenly-both-automaticALLy (all-of-them) uNdErStAnd

Exactly what it IS (that) they have been attempting to perceive amidst their own Might of PuLsAtInG Mind— open minded and mightily flickering eyes says it ALL, really… … at a pace of blessed over EXPOSURE!
Sure, “why not?!” Let their artistic inclinations swim and seethe and bReAtHe

Until, ALL of these words war (it out) amongst themselves to make —
Meaningful and bombastic SeNse

It IS the quietening hours in the middle of the early-a.m. when… an alarmified artist’s favourite retreat makes inesCAPABLE sense, to test AND treat himself

To YET another immaculately planned moment
Of unguarded bLiSs…
Yes. He feels enraptured and kissed in equal measure

By the lips of creativity, “please.” When his mountain became a molehill again, eventually.

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