There were indeed elements of introspective intelligences. Were even these evenly matched people-
Pained, it seemed, ToBeHere and hearing everything

The wrong-way-round again. “What we did is we listened enthusiastically and we h-e-l-d our best alternative breaths(.)”
For the sake

Of being heavily UNinfluenced by it all(!) These people appear to have
Fallen in between

Each goddamn crack. “Oh but for the CraIc they Once May’ve had… .” And now but for…

These pained-and-proper individuals of DuELlInG tenacities. “They do seem to’ve Coated themSELVES in… cursory Gold

And we cannot (seem to) BotherOurselves to be with, OR NEAR, them anyMORE… … …” Take a silly little metallic scissors to their heads and Let Them Be dead