There is an exceptional element to their thunder and their talk/ it’s all having the time of its battling YoungLifeNow. And these where-about’s ARE THEYn-o-w(??) peripheral People seem to have s-e-e-n——-))

A whole-lot-MORE of THESE other things of outrageous anticipation.. and we HAVE to stand AND SALUTE it all because — to have achieved JUST-SUCH-A-THING WAS ///

Aaaah, Christ.. the words are gone, again; as we still Remain: acting rather starry-eyedAndUnanimouslyUnafraid, indeed.

It’s.. been a case of Cool-As-You-Can-APPEAR to-have-been, and it’s most certainly NOT been—>>> worth-the-WEIGHT(!!!) of the Pain Which Pangs AGAINSTTheir (tHeOrY-oF-)Brain. STOPs(!) RIGHT NOW BECAUSE..

For this to CONtinue:: it W-I-L-L take —-everything.. away from them((again))