I’ve seen it all, the entire thing fall
Watched mesmerised, disguised-by-fire people dive to save, whilst at the very same time, lose their lives
A knife – ahem, far more akin to a plane right through the heart
This the obvious thing that sets the good, the bad, apart
Their loved-ones safe and sound, cradled way back home
BEEP go a thousand phones
A voice mail to inform them all of a slow and painful demise
No disguising one such particular need to breath
Blue skies a hundred miles wide but no real reprieve
Curse these jihadi thieves
Why would you steal someone away who never belonged to you in the first place!!?
A dire case of political misdirection
Seems you will never take heed of any kind of correction
These burning faces an utter disgrace to add to your badge albeit proud
Doubt does indeed seem to be the very thing to set you and yours free
Bless me, as much as forgive me, for I am going in