What if we earmarked the typically upstanding aNgLeS that No-one else knows of, “and what if we thought out-loud about the thoughts that took our
Bestialised breaths back?” We’ve even been TAKING TIME TO TALK to some of these Neanderthal, tall-order people and seen what they’ve to say: “about the runaround RapScallioN neANDerthal happening inside of their wipe-right-out minds.” It’s highly understood, ACTUALLY, that they’ve

Searched for utter nonsense inside of crying minds anyway… “AND tried for total-silence.” Anyhow, as it were she really didn’t want for utter automatic understandings OF HERSELF anymore, though –

___ inside of a suitably suggestive mind, MANY MIGHT AND MAY stILL SAY: “We’ve been bonded together and bound to the other (absolutely) “insufferable” person while they’ve sincerely

Just juxtaposed their very own rigor mortis souls yet AGA!N! And why can’t we, though, slow… the whole paceDOWN… ‘til the momentum surpasses itself yet again

… and feel for the farthest away parts of our have-a-heart faces, plEASE?” Possibly because.. as word WOULD surely have it..

“We really shoulda, COULDA been:: : These Deliberately Stupid people of purely selfish (D!$)interests anyway… .” And honourably holding ourselves back

From everybody else.

And if ANYONE else cares to NOT CARE then that’s the most perfectly industrious AND WOUND-UP FOR ITS WORTH OF HURT explanation that we could EVER even begin to ATTEMPT TO make ourselves BELIEVE AND live with it AGAIN

“at this pitch-perfect pace of imperfectly designed spontaneity, plEASE.” When the plain downright inexplicable explanations suddenly start to soothe their Very Own floating-eMoTiOn-of-sOuL.

And we search for some AND MUCH, MUCH MORE of “never before.”